Where Do We Go From Here?

Abbey Road

I’ll tell you where:  Freud Communications.  Freud is the public relations firm based in London founded by Matthew Freud, who is a direct descendant from the Public relations dynasty of Edward Bernays and is the great-grandson of the famous Sigmund Freud.  My mentor at Clarke University, Dr. Abdul Sinno was a friend and fellow colleague to Bernays who lived to be 103 years of age before passing.  At the time of his death Edward’s fees’ for his PR COUNSEL was $10,000 per hour.  I dusted off my abacus and after some intense figuring and color theory exploration; I’ve come to the abrupt conclusion that I currently earn less than Bernays.

I’ve worked in London for several years as a performer for Shorty and U.S. Maple.  I’ve worked throughout Europe as a publicist and have participated in press junkets throughout the U.K.  I have other relevant curios pertaining to both working and enjoying the U.K.  I’ve washed clothes in Leeds at the Wash-O-Mat with Pikeys…  As it turns out they travel light.  After triple parking the caravan I watched a herd of dilapidated denim stroll into the wash, strip off their dirty blues and nap in what was left…   emotionally bruised undergarments.  I know the locals find them a bit “sketchy” but I was a pawnbroker in one of Chicago’s more dangerous neighborhoods for a number of years…  I learn from and enjoy the company.

Prior to his death I received a kind letter and invitation from John Peel to do a Peel session.  He was an avid fan and endorsed U.S. Maple giving us the nod we needed to cross-over into the U.K. market.  U.S. Maple collaborated with Derek Bailey, England’s premier avant-garde guitarist.  The recording is yet to be released, sitting in a box in my closet I presume.  He wrote me a lovely letter as well, one that I will cherish forever.  We played the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Dover along with Derek before his passing in 2005.  His show was one of the most visceral spankings I’ve ever received.  I am humbled to have known him.

And finally, I have worked with director Stephen Frears in his film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel ‘High Fidelity’.  Stephen and I chatted quite some time during my audition about pawn broking, gypsies and pikeys before writing an exclusive part for me in the film.  He also vouched for my Taft-Hartley, which is kind of an endorsement (Taft-Hartley Act) and a necessary step for membership into the Screen Actors Guild.

My dear friends at Freud Communications:  Might there be trash can over there I can empty?  OR something better… much, much better.  I have the conceptual appetite and indeed a taste for the bangers and mash.

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