To the dismay of my loyal Dubuque constituents, on this fetid smear of sub/sub cultural land- I from the pulpit, positioned adjacent (West) of the Mississippi River… where the catfish somersault out of the muck and mock the Busch Light drinkers, now concede the Al-Qaeda leadership.  Hey, they picked another guy.  I’ve come to [...]

Where Do We Go From Here?

I’ll tell you where:  Freud Communications.  Freud is the public relations firm based in London founded by Matthew Freud, who is a direct descendant from the Public relations dynasty of Edward Bernays and is the great-grandson of the famous Sigmund Freud.  My mentor at Clarke University, Dr. Abdul Sinno was a friend and [...]

How very Saxon of you… now take my son.

First off my apologies…  it’s been quite a while since the inaugural post…   it’s just this ‘Weinergate’ scandal has me all loop the looped and such.  Rep. Weiner should recognize what we all know to be true:  our friend privacy is no longer around.    Social media has taken my privacy and left the [...]